Lexis English has branch schools in many places in Australia. There are 5 campuses in various cities in Australia, and there are branch schools in Korea and Japan. The school was established before 1989 and has more than 20 years of rich teaching experience. It is a time-honored high-quality language school. Students have various nationalities, and the proportion of each language department does not exceed 30%.

The school provides students with many extracurricular activities and special elective courses, focusing on the practical life of students’ English, teaching is also based on small classes with less than 15 students, and insisting on providing high-quality English teaching. In addition, the school also attaches great importance to student services, and is known for its “all-round” service. Students can ask school staff for any questions about accommodation, schoolwork, or even work.


School Information


Class campus

  • Sunshine Coast
  • Byron Bay
  • Noosa
  • Perth
  • Brisbane


Offer courses

  • GE General English
  • Cambridge (PET/FCE/CAE) Cambridge English
  • Yoga English Yoga English
  • Surfing English Surfing English
  • Medical English OET


Student nationality ratio

  • 30 South America,
  • 10 South Korea
  • 20 Japan
  • 30 Europe



  • Age limit 18 years old
  • Registery fee AUD $200
  • Teaching material fee
  • Tuition fee From AUD $285/week


School characteristic’s

  • Each campus has a wide range of locations and is located on the high-end seaside, which can achieve the beautiful experience of working and “HOLIDAY”. Among them, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, and Noosa are all beach resort-style high-level campuses
  • WA Western Australia Perth also has a campus
  • Open multi-level Cambridge English classes
  • Open surfing English class
  • Exclusively open customer service training English classes
  • Preparatory English courses for high school
  • There are many schools for IELTS-free admission
  • Provide a variety of certificate courses: makeup and beauty certificate / service industry management certificate / project management certificate and other functional courses


School equipment

  • Student lounge
  • Computer classroom
  • Free wifi, tea and snacks
  • Learning center
  • Projection equipment