Want to study English abroad? A language school in Australia is your best choice. In the leisurely environment of blue sea and blue sky, experience the most Australian-style English teaching, regardless of long-term or short-term training, you can quickly improve your English proficiency! The courses offered by the language school include: life English, IELTS preparation, Cambridge English, business English, and academic English. Our selected Australian high-quality language schools offer diverse courses and a wealth of extracurricular activities, which is your first step in overseas education and promotion to foreign businessmen!

Navitas English is the language school institution with the most branch schools in Australia. It has branch schools in the large cities of Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney, Manly Beach, and Perth. It has more than 30 years of teaching experience. At the same time, the Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Sydney campuses of Navitas are the official test centers for Cambridge, IELTS and TOEFL. And it is connected with local universities and technical schools, and students can directly enter the school after completing the English course.

In addition, Navitas’ student services are also very comprehensive. The school provides an online learning system. Through the MyStudy system, students can choose their learning goals, and teachers can provide relative assistance. For working holiday or working visa students, Navitas provides resume writing, interview skills and other needs to assist students in job search. If students sign up for more than 20 weeks of English classes and want to transfer to campus, the school will also provide a free domestic air ticket so that students can experience the customs of different cities.


School Information


Class campus

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Darwin


Offer courses

  • GE General English
  • Cambridge (PET/FCE/CAE) Cambridge English
  • AE Academic English


Student nationality ratio

  • Europe + South America 50%
  • Japan 20%
  • South Korea 20%
  • other 10%



  • Age limit 16 years old
  • Registery fee AUD $250
  • Teaching material fee AUD $80/week
  • Tuition fee From AUD $241/week


School characteristic’s

  • Australia’s largest chain of English learning institutions
  • Selected as Australia’s top 10 language schools for several consecutive years
  • There are 3 campuses in Sydney, Bondi, Sydney City and Manly
  • Specially designed online e-learning system for students, so that students can study on their own after class time
  • English bridging courses recognized by most Australian universities (academic English courses); provide
  • IELTS-free admission and progression channels