Klinik in Germany

Recruitment of nurses, midwives, interns, MTRA, MTLA, pharmacists and trainees in India, the Philippines, Tunisia, Indonesia and other Asian countries

WHO-compliant procedure, ie applicants do not have to pay any placement fees. Preparation and support of the recognition process together with our cooperation partners. Socio-cultural preparation for deployment in Germany. Contact person for nurses and customer companies in the event of queries and problems within the first year


Job Field – Nurses

  • Klinik Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Interns
  • Pharmacists



  • German speaking (B-1 or higher)
  • Preferred below the age of 40 years old
  • Experience required for minimum 1 year
  • Certification of Batchelor 4 Nurses


Job Details

  • Full-time Job
  • 8 Hour’s per day – 5 Days per week
  • Over Time available


Salary per month

  • 1500 € per Month for Integration, recognition course, knowledge test, guarantee phase
  • 2500 € per Month after past the Test
  • 1500 € Bonus ( individual )
  • Salary paid Montly
  • Taxback ( Refund ) after finish contract, The average German rebate is €1,020.


First class education

  • We not only pay for language training up to B2 level, but also partially cover the cost of living during the language courses (depending on the recruitment method).
  • As a result, applicants can be trained faster and better, as they do not have to work continuously in parallel
  • Faster training and a higher success rate in achieving the B2 language level
  • Use of native speakers in language training (keyword phonetics)
  • Course sizes of a maximum of 20 people



  • Skype or phone interviews are available